is the subject of all the chemical process and reactions taking place in a living being. Human biochemistry is the same studies in human body. And that’s one of the basic subject for medical sciences. The reason for including it in the course of MBBS or other medical field is that it form the base of students for advance subjects. Like you can’t understand and study pharmacology, if you haven’t studies biochem. And same is the case with other advance subjects. Therefore, you must learn biochem from one of the best book. Fortunately there are many great books of biochem like lippincott biochemistry, harpers illustrated biochemistry, chaterjee biochemistry etc. But one another well know book that we haven’t reviewed is satyanarayana biochemistry pdf.

After studying Lippinccott and chaterjee biochemistry books i tried this book and i was amazed to read it. It is so simple and easy to understand. Also it would take much less time as compared to other book and would be easy to revise it too.

After studying it myself and receiving a lot of emails and comments, i decided to review this book here on All Medical Stuff.

As i have already mentioned that this book is much simple, less time consuming and easy to understand, there are still much more features that you need to know. Below you can find all the features of this book. But first, lets know something about the book and its authors.

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