Human Anatomy Volume 2 has information regarding both Regional and Applied, and Dissection and Clinical. It covers medical problems in areas like the lower limb, abdomen and pelvis. The book is essential to both students and professionals.

About CBS

CBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt, Ltd. are one of the leading publishers and distributors in India. The organization was established in 1972. It was founded by Satish Kumar Jain, and his vision and spirit has helped blossom CBS into an international organization. Today, they are known for quality textbooks in medical sciences and technology, and are a major source of procurement books. Several book published by them are running into various editions and reprints.

Some books published by them are Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions 3rd Edition, Economic Geology: Economic Mineral Deposits 2nd Edition, Basic Laws of Electromagnetism 1st Edition, Mechanics of Materials and Fundamental Laws of Mechanics 1st Edition.