Drawing on a dazzling array of disciplines–physiology, neurology, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, and philosophy–Ian Glynn explains virtually every aspect of the workings of the brain, unlocking the mysteries of the mind.
Glynn writes with exceptional clarity as he illuminates the mechanics of nerve messages; the functioning of sensory receptors; the processes by which the brain sees, tastes, and smells; the seats of language, memory, and emotions. The breadth of Glynn’s erudition is astonishing, as he ranges from parallel processing in computers to the specialization of different regions of the brain (illustrated with fascinating instances of the bizarre effects of localized brain damage). He explains the different types of memory, traces the path of information that leads to emotional responses, and engages in a discussion of language that ranges from Noam Chomsky to Hawaiian pidgin.
No other single volume has captured the full expanse of our knowledge of consciousness and the brain. A work of unequaled authority and eloquence, this book promises to be a new landmark of scientific writing.
“Monumental.”–The Observer
“Glynn’s erudition is astonishing…a hugely enjoyable intellectual journey.”–Nature