The book is a pleasure to read, and contains many detailed histological preparations of various joint structures and neural elements relevant to the lumbar spine. There are also numerous clear and well illustrated radiographs which supplement the text.

Overall, the text covers almost every conceivable aspect of anatomy, pathophysiology and histopathology relevant to the structure and function of the lumbar spine required to approach professional clinical management of mechanical forms of low back pain. This text should be part of any clinical reference library, and is definitely recommended reading for undergraduates and postgraduates in all health disciplines. The approach is fundamentally practical and functional in nature, whcih supports manipulative management of low back pain disability.”European Journal of Chiropractic, April 2001
editors are well known in the field of spinal research and they have brought alongside them a number of renowned contributors in the various chapters. […] The editors and contributors are to be congratulated on providing a text which takes a multidisciplinary approach to the management of low back pain. They have succeeded in their intention to promote communication between the professions in order to develop a stronger scientific basis for spinal care and to improve the management of patients with mechanical low back pain.