To create compelling characters you must make them realistic, and even powerful software like ZBrush can only take you so far.  What you also need are solid artistic skills. This full-color, illustrated guide teaches you the basics of human anatomy, so you can create human figures that really come alive on screen.

Using ZBrush 3.5 tools, you’ll sculpt a heroic male figure, learning each body part as you go, including head, neck, torso, arms, legs, bones, and muscle. The book emphasizes concepts that have guided artists for centuries, such as gesture, form, and proportion, and you’ll develop foundational skills you can draw upon throughout your career. Transform your animation into professional-level artistry with this must-have guide.

• Understand the basic tenets of form, proportion, gesture, and rhythm
• Master basic anatomical terms for skeletal regions and muscle groups
• Break down the regions of the body into simple geometric shapes
• Begin roughing in your figure with Claytubes and other tools
• Create the impression of flesh over underlying muscle and bone
• Learn ZBrush remeshing, and color-mapping techniques
• Flesh out your figure with fine detail and costuming
• Repurpose your figure for film, video games, Web, or digital output
• Build skills you can also apply to Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and Photoshop







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